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PM Shenzhen/Shanghai 2 2022-11-04

Job responsibilities:

1. Connect with the original factory, and carry out product, business and other work

2. Be responsible for product promotion, including the expansion of new industries and new customers, finding industries that can be entered in the market, and developing new customers;

 3. Assist sales personnel to visit customers together, and provide help or solutions for customer selection and optimization;

 4. Responsible for managing the overall planning of the company's product line and formulating the annual sales strategy.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication technology and electronic information;

2. Industry related work experience, PM related work experience of the original factory/agent is preferred;

3. Good communication, coordination and teamwork skills. 

FAE Field Application Engineer / Technical Support Shenzhen/Shanghai/Beijing 6 2022-11-04

Job responsibilities:

1. Provide technical support to customers and assist them in solving technical problems during use;

2. Explore market and customer needs and feed back new product information to the market and design departments;

3. Collect and master the relevant performance, advantages and disadvantages of mainstream competitors' products, and form an analysis report.

Job requirements:

1. Have a solid foundation in C language, analog circuit, digital circuit, etc;

2. Familiar with M3/M4 core processor application;

Sales Manager/Sales Engineer Shenzhen/Shanghai/Beijing 6 2022-11-04

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for sales and promotion in the region;

2. Establish cooperation with customers through telephone calls and visits, and do a good job in customer service and customer relationship expansion;

3. Constantly discover new projects, explore new cooperation opportunities, and regularly follow up the progress of the customer's research projects.


Job requirements:

1. Strong sensitivity to intelligent hardware products;

2. Good product analysis, summary and induction ability;

3. Strong planning and execution ability.

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