● System on Module(SOM) base on Nordic nRF52832
● Bluetooth Low Energy/ANT/2.4GHz Proprietary Multi-protocol support
● Max +20dBm @ setting nRF52832 0dBm output
● Complete Bluetooth Low Energy stack/profiles solution (Bluetooth 4.x and Higher)
● ARM Cortex M4F 32 bit processor,512kB flash memory ,64kB RAM
● 31 General Purpose I/O ,Configurable mapping Pins ,Simple layout of external application
● 12-bit/200KSPS ADC ,PWM ,SPI Master/Slave(8Mbps)
● Two 2-wire Master/Slave (I2 Compatible)
● I2S audio interface ,PDM audio interface
● 3×4 – channel PWMs
● 20 channel CPU independent Programmable Peripheral Interconnect(PPI)
● Quadrature Demodulator(QDEC)
● 128-bit AES HW encryption
● 5×32bit Timer, 3×24bit Real Timer Counters(RTC),Watchdog Timer
● Internal RC Oscillator 32.768kHz(±250ppm)
● Over-the-Air(OTA) firmware updates available

ModuleKernelRAMFLASHOutput PowerNumber of GPIOsAntenna typeDimensions(mm)
PTR9618PACortex M4F64kB512kB最大+20dBm30IPX天线接口23×17.6
PTR9618Cortex M4F64kB512kB最大+4dBm32PCB天线23×17.6
PTR9018PACortex M016kB256kB最大+20dBm30IPX天线接口23×17.6
PTR9018Cortex M016KB256KB最大+4dBm31PCB天线23×17.6
PTR5528Cortex M016kB256kB最大+4dBm11PCB天线11.4×9.5
PTR5518PACortex M016kB256kB最大+20dBm11IPX天线接口15.4×15.4
PTR5518Cortex M016kB256kB最大+4dBm11PCB天线15.4×15.4
PTR5618PACortex M4F64kB512kB最大+20dBm11IPX天线接口15.4×15.4
PTR5618Cortex M4F64kB512kB最大+4dBm11PCB天线15.4×15.4



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